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I'm an experienced startup executive and collaborative digital marketing leader who drives high-growth at B2B SaaS companies by integrating the entire marketing toolset to focus on rapid execution and aggressive, customer-centric strategies.

Currently, I'm VP of Marketing at BigCommerce overseeing Enterprise Demand Gen, Digital, Content & SEO, Marketing Automation, Growth & CRO, Marketing Automation, and Operations. See how we stack against Shopify Plus.

I have consistently acquired millions in net-new annual recurring revenue, managed millions in digital advertising spend across multiple channels, and driven billions of organic pageviews through a cross-functional, data-driven approach.

I have driven growth at several top technology startups. At Mavenlink, I helped grow the company from from 5,000 to 500,000 customers, while taking them from $0 MRR to six-figure MRR.

As a partner at WebbROI, I helped Pantheon more than double their user base and triple monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to the mid-six-figures. At Pivotal Tracker (acquired by EMC), I helped double their organic traffic to +500,000 monthly visitors and acquired thousands of new business customers.

I have also worked with US-based startups, such as Loggly, SignNow (aquired by Barracuda Networks), Inman News, and Sanebox, along with international companies, including Watchmaster, RyanAir, Sapo, and Outsystems.

In 2013, I spearheaded online marketing for the New York Times bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur, which also hit the USA Today, BN.com, and Amazon bestseller lists.

Lastly, I captained PaleoHacks.com, which attracted over 15,000,000 annual unique visitors, +200,000 community members, and 6-figure annual recurring revenue, which I subsequently led to an acquisition.


As mentioned above, I am a full stack marketer. I define that as a marketer capable of scaling customer acquisition and revenue by using all layers of the marketing “stack” from SEM to email marketing and CRO to SEO, while coordinating cross-functional alignment with sales, product, and business development.

Digital Marketing

Managed millions in digital marketing across Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms for B2B SaaS companies to create millions in net-new annual recurring revenue.

Email Marketing

Built several +150,000 person email lists for B2C projects driving 7 figures in revenue, along with B2B SaaS projects from 5,000 to exceeding 500,000 businesses.


From dynamic pricing for acquisition to custom on boarding for activation and retention, optimized entire journey resulting in +100,000s of business customers and millions in revenue.


From B2B SaaS companies to B2C media sites, driven billions of pageviews and utilized SEO throughout the entire customer lifecycle to drastically reduce CAC and increase LTV.


Sean Ellis, CEO of Qualaroo

I’ve worked with Casey when I am CEO and on the board of directors. In all cases, I'm impressed with his growth hacking skills. He combines creativity with tenacious execution to reach the full potential of any opportunity. Growth marketing tends to be a high stress role, and Casey is always a pleasure to work with allowing everybody to succeed.

Patrick Vlaskovits, NY Times Bestselling Author & CEO of Superpowered

Casey is the Tim Duncan of online marketing. Not often talked about, but delivers championships like clockwork. There is a reason why I find ways to have him work with me on every project I can.

Sean Crafts, Founder & COO of Mavenlink

Casey's uncanny ability to get things done is a huge part of our success. I consider myself lucky to work with him. His creativity, ability to anticipate trends and opportunities, and willingness to get in the trenches is what puts him in the upper echelon of startup marketers.

Rob Slattery, Business Development at ZenDesk

Casey is my go-to person for all things marketing. I like to think of him as my secret weapon. At every startup I have been a part of, I continue going back to the well, aka Casey's marketing brain. He understands the entire spectrum of the marketing stack, plus everything from acquisition to revenue generation.


For full stack marketing consultation, advice, or speaking inquiries, please call me or fill out the contact form below. I only accept up to two select consulting gigs at one time, so I can be hands-on and provide the desired results. That said, I love talking all things marketing, whether it's on Google Hangout, at your marketing event or podcast, or over a beer. Reach out to me today! :)

4590 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660


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